The Medal of St. Benedict and the Miraculous Medal are sacramentals of the Catholic religion. Driven by our deep faith, we thought of transforming them into unique and elegant jewels to be worn on every occasion and by everyone, merging religious motivations and youth fashion. Of course, we must always keep in mind that these are sacred objects and not good luck charms, therefore, as such, should be worn as a symbol of belonging to Christ. Ours is not a real job, we support ourselves by doing something else, but a passion that leads us to conduct historical research on sacred objects to be able to realize them faithfully, avoiding and correcting Masonic or other infiltrations, if only for ignorance, which, spread over time, have become a standard. Initially what drove us was to look for medals to give, as friends and acquaintances can confirm, then the need arose to have in our hands something that conforms to the principles of the Church, that had not undergone personal interpretations or changes. We live all this as a small mission that, regardless of the sale, aims to achieve something higher. An embrace in Christ, with affection Relijewels.